We met in 2013 through our first local fitness competition in Arizona. It was the first time both of us had competed and we found comfort in the fact that we were both newbies. Since then, our friendship has blossomed and after getting to know one another more we found that we share a similar vision of inspiring other women to live fit and healthy lifestyles and to live beyond the physical transformation. We both started our own
brands, but it wasn’t too soon after that we realized our brands were very similar and could be better represented as a team. We decided to join forces and start IMPRINT.

Our goal with IMPRINT is to empower women to make their mark by building their confidence and connections through beauty, fashion, fitness and relationships. We believe that a true transformation begins on the inside and reflects on the outside and it is the journey of getting there which truly impacts you. It is our vision to empower others with our own personal story, life experiences, events and workshops. We know what it feels like to be lost in our purpose and confused about who we are and what we stand for. We are humbled by our own transformations, inspired by the gift a fit and healthy lifestyle has given us and grateful for the amazing relationships we have formed along the way. Our affinity for all things beauty including make-up and fashion has paved the way for our styling services. We are true girly girls at heart and want to give back to other women and impress the importance of finding your “WHY” and acknowledging that burning desire to be something more, something that truly leaves a lasting IMPRINT.

We are both motivated and committed to make a difference and share our love and wisdom with others. Whether it is your goal to compete in a fitness competition, plan a photo shoot, need makeup/hair/styling services, want to get more insight and education about health and fitness or want to connect to more women, we are your fitness, beauty and styling empowerment team and here to help you #Make Your Mark!

Heather Vines-Bright

Heather Vines-Bright


Heather Vines-Bright was born and raised in San Jose, California and moved to Arizona in 2000.  She is a wife, mother, certified professional in Human Resources, specializes in wardrobe styling, posing and is a certified fitness trainer.  Heather is a former dancer and has trained in ballet, jazz, modern and tap dance and is a former NFL Pro-Bowl Cheerleader. She has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources specializing in employee relations, talent acquisition and talent management. Heather is an international fitness cover model, nationally placed fitness competitor and has written articles and appeared in several publications including Max Sports and Fitness, Ultra Fit Magazine, Fitness Magazine, DFYNE Magazine, Voyage Magazine and Shutterbug Magazine.

Heather battled her own weight and body image issues as a young girl and was a victim of bullying at a young age. Being in the spotlight as an NFL Cheerleader put pressure on her to keep a certain image and sometimes that didn’t always include doing things the healthy way. Once Heather decided to make a change to a healthier lifestyle, she learned how to stay fit through natural and healthy habits. Her passion is to share her strength and story with others who may be struggling or just need some encouragement. Her goal is to inspire and help other women and girls feel empowered through self-love and building confidence.  Through Imprint she can use her skills and experience to build a community and give back to others through their services and outreach.




Nicole Matthews is from Scottsdale, AZ. She’s a mother, studio owner, licensed cosmetologist and specializes in makeup, hair and wardrobe styling. Nicole is a WBFF Bikini Pro and Cover Model. She has written articles and appeared in several publications including Rogiani, Oxygen, Max Sports and Fitness, Scottsdale Health Magazine, Voyage and Status Magazine.

Nicole is very passionate about empowering women and lifting one another up. Her journey as an aspiring entrepreneur began in the fitness industry and over the years has evolved into a beauty, styling and presentation business. Her talents and gifts have always been on the artistic side and with a 20 year background in makeup artistry, it only made sense to resurface her creative edge and incorporate it into Imprint. Whether she is working behind the scenes for a photo shoot, speaking at an event or beautifying one of her clients, she is constantly instilling the importance of self-love and confidence. It is her hope and dream to continue to build a positive and impactful community through Imprint, give back to her community and encourage women to jump on board and be the power houses they are meant to be! She believes that beauty begins on the inside and reflects on the outside and nothing brings her more joy than connecting to like-minded people.



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